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Find Boat Loans

NMLA members are boat lending specialists. Our goal is to help you buy the new or pre-owned boat you want and make the purchase affordable. To find a lender to help in the finance process, visit the member directory.

Understanding Boat Financing

Many boat buyers are surprised to learn that financing makes monthly payments lower than expected. You will need to make a down payment and/or have a boat to trade, and meet certain credit qualifications. For more information and a worksheet to determine how much you can borrow for a boat, click here.

The Boat Loan Calculator

Use our loan calculator to determine a loan amount that will fit your budget, or calculate monthly payments for a specified loan amount. To access the Calculator click here.

Resources on Boats & Boating Lifestyles

Not sure what boat is right for you and your family and friends? The boating and fishing communities have resources to answer questions about what boat, where to find it, how to learn and more. Visit DiscoverBoating and TakeMeFishing.


Boat Ownership Considerations

There are similar requirements for owning a boat as owning a car, such as registering and insuring it. Depending on the boat and where it is used, these details can vary. For a guide to these requirements, click here.

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